Scott Gerard
Committed to a Better World via Multiagent Systems
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  • I am a researcher on multiagent systems.

    I am a member of IBM's Senior Technical Staff, and I am currently a senior technical architect for Cognitive Eldercare in IBM Research.

    I recently defended my PhD dissertation titled Designing, Verifying and Evolving Commitment-based Protocols for Business under the supervision of Professor Munindar Singh, and graduated from NC State University in August, 2013. Before that, I received an MS in Physics from the University of Wisconsin, Madison in 1979 and an BS in Mathematics and Physics from Nebraska Wesleyan University in Lincoln, NE in 1978.

    I am an IBM Master Inventor since 2005 with over 44 patents, and I am the chair of the invention disclosure review team for AI Eldercare.

    My entire professional career, I have intuitively believed that distributed software component architectures, in some fashion, were the future. And while components would clearly be important, I also came to believe they were only half of the solution. The "software wires" that interconnect components were a crucial element, overlooked by most designers. The software wires were much more than hardware wires, and would communicate much more than mere bits of information. I believed they would communicate high-level concepts and even structure the conversation between components. I generalize from components to multiagent systems, and from point-to-point software wires to multi-point protocols, but the basic ideas and motivations are the same. I pursue this research because I believe multiagent systems technology is a natural fit for our emerging interconnected business world. In its approach, my research focuses on the "wires" (protocols). I still seek to make this dream a reality.


    • Multiagent systems (MAS) and artificial intelligence (AI)
    • Analytics and machine learning
    • Natural language processing (NLP)
    • Science fiction
    • Sailing

    Work Experience

    • 2016–present: IBM Research
    • 2011–2016: Watson for Financial Services and Watson Health
    • 2000–2011: Consultant and architect
    • 1996–2000: Architect for large Java framework project
    • 1993–1996: Architect for OO DB project
    • 1987–1993: Architect and designer for AS/400 OS
    • 1979–1987: VLSI physical chip design automation


    • PhD in Computer Science, North Carolina State University, Raleigh, NC, 2013.
    • Masters of Science in Physics, University of Wisconsin, Madison, WI, 1979.
    • Bachelors of Science in Physics and Mathematics, Nebraska Wesleyan University, Lincoln, NE, 1978.

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